Collection by Diana Budds

Honeycombers' Design-Forward Solution to a Pesky Problem


With Honeycombers, a salon in Menlo Park, California, designer Nicole Hollis thoughtfully deploys modern touches to create a warm, welcoming environment for a somewhat troubling service: delousing.

Like many parents with school-aged children, Melissa Allen Black, founder and CEO of Honeycombers, had to deal with her...
Located at 441 El Camino Real in Menlo Park, California, Honeycombers offers non-toxic lice removal and treatment.
In the 1,900-square-foot establishment, Hollis specified furniture, materials, and decorations that meet very strict...
Lime-green retro barbershop chairs and Jielde's Loft Adjustable Arm Wall Sconces outfit the treatment area.
“The bright, airy space has an immediate impact on the stressed-out parents and children that walk in our door,” Black...
Black has received glowing testimonials from patrons that prove how good design makes a strong impact.

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