Collection by Zachary Edelson

Homes with Private Enclosed Courtyards


An interior courtyard can be a tricky affair: carving an opening to the elements means extra care waterproofing and ensuring proper drainage. Once accomplished, however, there's nothing quite like a room with private access to the outdoors.

The living areas and an office are arranged in an open layout around a central atrium that is open to the outdoors.
In this family-friendly household, even the dogs have been given a space of their own.
Separating the living room from a smaller seating area is a polished concrete courtyard that can be used for quiet...
The guest room occupies the least favorable corner of the house, so Paredes designed an interior garden featuring...
Next to the bathroom and above the living room, the terrace is open to sky, street, and the house itself.
A single crepe myrtle, which sports red blossoms in summer, defines the courtyard.