Collection by William Harrison

Homes With Dramatic Valley Locations


As wide-ranging as the houses that inhabit them, these stunning valleys are sublime counterpoints to modernist construction.

The Weber residence sits comfortably in the rich, green Wisconsin valley.
When designing this one-story home in Aurora, Oregon for his aging parents, architect Andrew Heid emphasized wraparound...
Moonshine is beautifully set in an isolated spot in the English countryside outside of Bath.
A redesigned 1800s barn merges the structure's former agrarian spaciousness with the vernacular of its new function as...
One of the most astounding views from the house extends all the way to Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America...
Floor-to-ceiling windows enclose the living and dining space, flooding the room with sunlight.
Updating the A-frame of yore, this home’s liberal use of windows makes the most of panoramic views spanning two valleys.