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Home is a factory


Interior & exterior pictures of the former factory my partner and I live in. It was built in the 1950s, has a 12,000sqf unheated warehouse, plus a 2 story office section (1500sqf). We have lived in the upstairs office area since 2008 and we're about to start a major renovation (we've been living with "temporary" everything since we moved in). We plan to remove walls, open the ceiling to reveal the rafters, and add a rooftop deck (among a million other things). Our building sits on a street in the middle of our city, but it overlooks a river and feels fairly private (no neighbors).

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We have some work to do by our front door.
View from our loading dock at dusk.
Our loading dock provides a great backdrop for pictures. I scored this steelcase credenza and light at a surplus sale.
Remodeling actually started last year when my partner began work on my future office.
Deciding on a paint color was a nightmare. I went with the gray. You can see our sitting area on our loading dock.