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An office space doesn’t have to be all the same and may have different environments, because the activities that occur in each one are different. The project developed for ITISA Group corporate offices —a company dedicated to manufacture precast concrete products for construction with 60 years of history in Mexico— was done under this concept.

To emphasize the concept of the different environments the proposal suggested that the color palette, the carpet design and the details have variations in each of the different spaces. The constant color throughout the project is gray, at the reception it is combined with bright colors and when entering the operative area, the cold shades of gray are conserved and the corporate color is subtly incorporated.

The transition in the palette happens in the management area where orange color accents are incorporated and when reaching the direction offices change to warm gray. One of the most important premises that the client marked was the importance of their products being in exhibition, because the building where their new corporate headquarters are located was built by them and we decided to do it in a subtle way, without great contrasts with the suggested finishes for the interior.

A choice of finishes was made to highlight and go with the products of ITISA Group such as the spancrete slab, the beams and the prefabricated columns, the block walls, steel tubes and the sleepers that were the first product of the company. All of these products were left intentionally apparent in view of the users and visitors.

We consider important to reflect the business of the company from the first impact: the reception and inside it its shown a steel structure suspended from the plafond accentuating the sleepers in the wall that mark the beginning of the interior tour creating a metaphor of the manufacturing process of the company that begins with an steel structure. The temperature of the light also plays an important role creating the perfect balance between bright or cold light with the warm light and in the corridors or transition areas the light level was reduced to give the eyes a rest.

Changing the way they used to operate in the former office was the biggest challenge. Changing from the enclosed spaces filled with papers to an open area with limited storage space and the restriction of keeping personal effects inside the drawer has been hard on the users, but now they enjoy a space that promotes visual and mental order. The layout favors the operative area keeping it away from direct sunshine and reserving the meeting and direction areas to the low traffic zone to promote the concentration for the decision making.