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Going Green: 11 Ways to Design with Plants


We’re noticing a renewed focus on verdant interiors, incorporating everything from living walls to 1970s-style atria. Here are some favorites from our pages.

The Zizmors' son plays in front of a living wall created by urban landscaper Kari Elwell Katzander of Mingo Design.
“There’s no right answer except to play and experiment,” Adler says about furnishing the interior.
Architects Simone Carneiro and Alexandre Skaff transformed a cramped São Paulo apartment into a mid-city refuge for...
In an effort to keep the rooms as pure and spare as possible, Atherton and Keener forewent traditional moldings in...
The living room, dining room, and kitchen are arranged in a 60-foot-long enfilade.
According to Gaultier, "My imagination comes from the cinema...I love the idea that nature is capable of trumping...
From the kitchen and living room you’re well connected to the courtyard and the rest of the house.
The couple relax in their open-plan kitchen with their twelve-year-old lab, Uma.
A guest bedroom, with furniture from Room & Board, overlooks the bridge above the dining courtyard.
How a highly productive collaboration among a trio of creative Angelenas—and a good dose of Barragán—turned a dark and...
The Charles Forberg-designed LongHouse, Larsen’s estate in East Hampton, was inspired in equal parts by Japanese Shinto...