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gilded paper softseating


Elevating the value of humble sheets of paper through creative expression and ideas has a long history in literature, music, art and architecture. There is profound magic in paper’s potential to become anything you imagine. For molo, paper transforms space and light.

In their investigations of paper, molo designers and founders, Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen found inspiration in illuminated manuscripts and gilded books. Traditionally, artisans, bookbinders and monks would apply a thin layer of gold to the paper’s edge. This process served the practical purpose of safeguarding the contents from dust, moisture and sunlight, but most significantly, illuminated the importance of the book or manuscript.

Honouring this tradition, and celebrating paper’s significance to molo products and designs, molo has gilded a special edition of softseating fanning stool. Through a centuries-old process, the edges of the natural brown kraft paper are coated with a 24 karat gold leaf that will never tarnish. The gilded pleats catch light with a subtle beauty and sheen that shifts with the viewing angle. Similar to wrought gold furniture, or cathedral altarpieces, the gilded stools are intended for use but adopt increased ritualistic significance and sculptural value.

Like its original counterpart in molo’s soft collection, gilded paper softseating uses flexible honeycomb geometry to compress for storage and portability, fanning open to form simple stools, benches and tables. Alternatively, the magnetic end panels can connect multiple, modular elements into diverse seating topographies.
Use as a side table or stool—letting it live on a shelf amongst your favourite books between uses.