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20+ Huge Modern Doors


From wall-sized swinging doors to two-story roll-ups, these portals help you make a big entrance.

The windows turn into doors with a twist of the handle, a standard design in Switzerland says the docent.
The front door is made from re-milled old leftover beams.
The highlight of the east wing entry is the oversize front door, fabricated by JIG Design Build, which swings open on a...
The front door is an awe-inspiring 14-foot mixed wood creation made by L.A. custom door fabricators Real Door Inc.
Sliding doors cast shadows across the concrete floor.
A custom pivot door by Archispec opens onto a foyer with a poured-concrete floor.
Thanks to clever engineering by Sand Studios, seven-year-old Macy can operate the 2,000-pound door.
The calf leather–upholstered banquette between the grand salon and the bedroom was designed by Perret and is original...
The door was an extremely interesting element, from the long vertical slats to the metal door handle that felt just...
The door to Eoghan Mahony’s office is set on a caster and has a hinge that runs the entire ten-foot height.
Very large doors, like the one leading from the living area to the stairwell, add to the sense of space.
To further connect the indoor spaces with the New England landscape outside, glass walls in the living and dining areas...
Soheil steps into the music and screening room, which is concealed behind a masonry-veneered door.
The library’s entrance features massive panel doors made of tropical freijó wood.
Davor and August check out the yard from the living room.
Walnut doors come together to form a corner in the entry foyer.
The home’s front door, by Simpson Door Company, fills an eight-foot frame with sapele veneer on solid wood.
A pivoting door, also made of larch, provides a shortcut to enter the structure as an alternative to the main courtyard...

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