Collection by West of West

Garrett Leight - New York


Many brands tell stories about their products. This California based eyewear brand connects with its users through storytelling in a multitude of mediums. They publish various types of media along with their product to create a rich cultural landscape to connect with their audience on a broad level. Our challenge was to collect, organize, and string together these stories, creating a cohesive space to physically experience the brand.

Inspired by this narrative, we broke down the way they tell stories into a series of experiences: reading, touching, listening, learning and talking, all set within a narrow storefront in the historic SoHo neighborhood of New York. To contain these experiences we distorted one of the most classical architectural objects, the wall. This wall bends, twists, and lifts its way around the space to capture the experiences and connect the various media produced by the brand. The final outcome is a continuous white ribbon that transitions from one condition to the next, connecting stories to spaces.

A modular wall supports the ever-changing story of design, production, and customization of the eyewear.
The collection of succulents offers a lush transition into the store and an oasis for reading away from the busy city.
The birch plywood cabinet displays products out in the open—rather than locked behind glass—for everyone to touch and...

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