Collection by Megan Hamaker

Furniture Design Series: The Coffee Table


For the third installment in our table design series, (see the Dining Table series here and the Kitchen Table series here) we focus on the hardworking coffee table, center of everything from meals to mail to books to tired feet. Here are eight of our favorite coffee tables that are sure to live up to their serious furniture responsibility. Next up: The Side Table.

Whether you’re serving morning coffee for two or a pizza party for a gaggle of friends, this wooden coffee table by...
The U Trek coffee table is a reformulation of the Bensen U Table by designer Niels Bendtsen.
The MK1 from Duffy London morphs from a coffee table into a dining surface twice the size, all in two swift motions.
Though designers Jerad Mack and Shane Pawluck hail from the vast Canadian prarie, inspiration for their Eyeful coffee...
When painted large on the exterior of a warship, the graphic black-and-white stripes on this low table “dazzle” and...
Part coffee table, part storage bin, this blue Usame table by designer Patricia Urquiola will add style to any room.
An oldie, but goodie from Arik Levy, the Geo Low coffee table is available in three sizes.