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Floating home

Juul-Nørgaard Residence Floor Plan
In the bathroom, the home’s epoxy floor transitions from whitish gray to submarine yellow. The sink and tub are by…
The sparsely decorated room features a PK33 stool, DUX bed, and framed photo of Björk by Anton Corbijin.
Glass doors grant the bedroom an immediate connection to the water.
The couple have crafted their own kitchens in the past. For their floating home, however, they selected the black Vipp…
Life for the couple centers on an open kitchen-dining-living area. Nautical references are kept to a minimum, but a few…
Outside, larch-wood shutters offer the residents privacy.
The narrow entrance hall faces another door, which opens seaward. Built-in cabinets serve as both storage and display.…
Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard drew upon their years of experience living on the water to design and build an…
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