Collection by Aileen Kwun

Felice Varini's Architectural Installations Are All About Perspective


On view through October 2, 2016, the French-Swiss artist's “À ciel ouvert” takes to Marseille's Le Corbusier–designed
MAMO as a canvas, with spatial graphics that are an exercise in parallax.

(And don't worry: It's all done with peelable vinyl and washable paint.)

When the rooftop of the Le Corbusier–designed Cité Radieuse apartment complex in Marseille, France, went up for sale in...
Varini's works span the entire terrace, with three, bright, graphic works in red and yellow applied directly to the...
Playing with vantage points and parallax—the act of displacement that occurs when viewing an object from different...
When viewed from a specific position, the seemingly disparate visual elements combine to form a unified image, as if...
“I generally scour the venue taking in its architecture, materials, history and function," says Varini, who carries a...
“[Varini is] able to use, underline and highlight a single architecture equally as well as a whole city," says Ora Ito.
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