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Expo 2015: Flags Boulevard


In contrast to the all the visual noise of cities, the project is a way of putting things in order and
communicating clearly, making it easy to see and really understand how many countries and which ones are

signing up to Expo Milano 2015.

130 graphically reinterpreted flag wind their way, cheerfully and neatly, along the walking artery that links the

Sforza Castle to Piazza San Babila, with the Duomo (Milan Cathedral) acting as its hub.

The element that forms the installation is the “Palo Milano” (the “Milan pole”), a highly visible adaptable

device that presents a graphic reinterpretation of the national flags in the central banner together with a

couple of slim side banners with Italian, English and French names of the countries and a small original flag


Conceived to be part of the urban rhythm and to create an in-progress installation, this flexible tool offers a

space for resting, thus creating a surprising urban sitting-room between Expo and the city.

To avoid any waste, the free-standing repositionable units shall be used again for future events, as an

heritage to the City of Milan.

Poject realized in collaboration with Italo Lupi.

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