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Ettore Sottsass Dreamt Up Homes in the Most Memphis Way Possible


A rare look at the ultra vivid watercolors and models that kicked off the Italian architect's creative process.

Architect Ettore Sottsass arrived in Maui in 1989, an architectural model in hand, to share plans with design entrepreneurs Lesley Bailey and Adrian Olabuenaga for a quirky island retreat. The result, one of his few completed residential works, will grace the cover of our upcoming May issue. In anticipation, we retrace the creative process that brought about the geometrically abstract and boldly colorful house on a hill.

Through their jewelry and accessories brand ACME Studio, Lesley Bailey and Adrian Olabuenaga collaborated with Ettore...
Lesley recounts their first meeting with Sottsass as clients: "We had worked with Ettore since the conception of our...
Sottsass labored over the project in multiple dimensions and mediums, but always with a flair for style, as seen here...
The home's plans went through years of eclectic redesigns.
The design remained a work in progress for years. "We didn't start it until '95," says Lesley.
Though seemingly whimsical and freewheeling, Sottsass was exacting in his designs: He had forbidden the Olabuenagas...

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