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Edward Fields Iconics


Edward Fields—an American carpet maker whose rugs dress the floors in the Glass House, Hollyhock House, and Lever House—recently released "Iconics," a collection of eleven designs inspired by their most distinct patterns unveiled throughout their 70 year history. Ranging from retro designs of the 1950's and 1960's to more contemporary patterns from the 1980's and 1990's, these "reissued" rugs represent what Edward Fields has long been known for: distinct, bold patterns and an experimental sensibility. While the patterns remain largely untouched from their originals, their current iterations have been adapted for today's tastes (think shorter pile height, new materials and a modern color palette). Click through the slideshow to see the designs along with a few mid-century photographs of the carpets in-situ.

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"Reflections" was originally commissioned in the late 1960's for Edward Fields' own apartment in New York City.
"Reflections," photographed in the 1960's.
The "Reflections" rug in another circa 1960's interior.
The "Short Circuit" carpet by Edward Fields.
"Short Circuit" was popular in the 1970s for its bold pattern.
"Earthquake" is a design originally from the 1970s.
The "Terra IV" carpet was designed for Brooke Astor by Van Day Truex and is the most popular design in the Edward...
A detail of the pattern in the Terra IV rug.
A 1950's interior featuring the Terra rug.
The design of "Computations" is a take on computer pixels, and was originally released in the 1970s.
Countless hand-tufted squares make up the overall design. Edward Fields' carpets are all handmade.
Another 1970s design: "Lonesome...
Raised scalloped edges articulate the rich dyes in the wool and silk rug.
The "Secret Cavern," originally designed in the 1990s, is adapted to suit today's stylistic trends with a shorter pile...
A detail showing the color variation and different textural details of the carpet.
"Splashdown" was originally designed in the 1980s.
The "Wavelength" rug.
The "Wavelength" rug, designed in the 1970s, shown up-close.
"Diversion" by Edward Fields.
"Interweave" by Edward Fields wraps up the 11 designs in the "Iconics" collection.

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