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Eames Words


The A+D Museum on L.A.’s Museum Row has just opened "Eames Words," named for its highly conceptual, and lexical, approach to the Eames legacy. “The whole idea is based on an aspect on Charles and Ray’s lives that is somewhat underexposed to the world,” says curator Deborah Sussman (of the design firm Sussman/Prejza), who worked closely with the couple at the Eames Office in Venice, California, for ten years in the 1950s and ’60s. Central to the exhibition—which runs through January 16—are quotes by Charles and Ray Eames, many previously published and better known, and some told directly to Sussman (such as Ray’s assessment that the Jeep is “an automobile that America can be proud of,” accompanied by a Army-green Willys Jeep). Each quote has received a specialized treatment and sizing by type designer Andrew Byrom; the words meander through the modest space as a narrative that allows the world a glimpse into the philosophies behind the Eameses’ work—and way of living.

“This is from a group of photos that shows Charles and Ray just playing around with whoever’s taking the picture,” says...
The giant capital E, which helps make up an oversize EAMES, holds objects related to the words.
“This exhibition is a glimpse into Charles and Ray’s daily lives,” says Sussman.
“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas,” Charles once said.
Charles’s quote, “You can tell more about a country from its bread and its soup than you can from its museums and...
Charles created this rebus for his daughter, Lucia, when she was a child.
After many years working together, Sussman accompanied Charles and Ray to an Aspen Design Conference, where Ray saw a...
To the left of the big E is the museum’s reception area, which has been labeled “Host,” with a double meaning: One, the...
“Beyond the age of information is the age of choices.” Says Demetrios of this quote, “Charles said this at the Aspen...
“‘The uncommon beauty of common things,’ this is most descriptive quote of the project,” says Sussman.
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