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Drivelines Studios

Ranging in scale from 300–600 square feet, the living spaces provide all the necessities of a contemporary urban...
Interior spaces are minimal, carrying the simplistic design from outside to inside.
Circulation platforms weave above the open courtyard space.
The shipping container walls are painted white on the interior, creating bright living spaces.
The interior balconies provides plentiful views of the urban core.
On the ground floor, diagonal cuts connect the public sidewalk to a covered portico.
The interior courtyard has become a social gathering space for residents.
Diagonal cuts are mirrored across the facade, creating a rhythmic pattern of material and void.
The triangular geometry of the site is revealed at the meeting point of the two volumes.
Exposed stairways and connecting bridges resemble the back side of a billboard.
The blue and green color selection was defined by the availability of shipping containers at the time of construction.
Large cuts in the outer walls of the shipping containers create a geometric pattern of glazed openings.
The residential building blends in with the urban fabric of the changing downtown neighborhood.
The two building masses join like a hinge at the narrow end of the site.
The project's industrial character ties in nicely with the surrounding infrastructure and architecture.
The buildings create a pedestrian-friendly experience by placing retail on the main floor, where it is easily...