Collection by Brian Karo

Dogs Who Love Modern Design


There are many ways to judge a room—its size, its shape, its furniture. But as these dogs would likely attest, all it takes is good instinct.

Ibbel, a Parson Russell terrier, and his tennis ball survey the living room from the back of a Cuba sofa by Rodolfo...
In the living room, angel wings taken from a circa-1890s Parisian statue were discovered at Scott Landon Antiques in...
In need of more room for their growing brood, Eric and Emma Gimon, with Luc, Paul, baby Louise, and their dog, Nefi,...
The bedroom takes up the small second floor of the house.
Boise, Idaho–based architectural designer Macy Miller built her own 196-square-foot home, which she shares with her...
Though the kitchen fits in with its period surroundings, a few tweaks keep it current.
Featuring reclaimed wood from the original house, a single sliding door covers only half of the kitchen pantry.
A familiar scene in the Benoit home: Peter paints at the Steelcase desk—"I do all my work here," he says—while Ando...
Angus opts to sleep on top of the bed rather than beneath it.
Pork Chop, the dog, has plenty of comfortable places to nap between meals.
In the dining area, a one-of-a-kind table with a reclaimed Carrara marble top by NET—themultidisciplinary design firm...
The warm material palette extends to Berryman’s bedroom.
"I always wanted to have my very own yellow brick road," says Viviana de Loera, whose favorite part of the home is the...
Allison says the living room, which receives loads of natural light, is her favorite space in the house.
Two pieces from E15’s Shiraz sofa flank the company’s wooden Leila side tables.
Donut sits on a custom bed made by craftsman Pete Deeble.
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