Collection by Erika Heet

Dizzying Architectural Photography


Nikola Olic’s photographs zoom and tilt to reveal vertigo-inducing angles.

With names like Twisted, Mesh, and Lasagna, Dallas-based photographer Nikola Olic’s images present a surreal, abstracted view of buildings. Olic lives and works in Dallas, Texas, focusing on “architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in dimensionless and disorienting ways.” In 2014, Olic participated in the Positive / Negative Spaces public exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. To follow, a journey through Olic’s hypnotic images.

Broken, 2014. I.M. Pei's Fountain Place in Dallas, Texas, built in 1986.
Twisted, 2014.
Hypnotic, 2014.
Lasagna: “The best time to photograph this unusual layered building north of San Antonio, Texas, is early morning,...
Ripped, 2014.
Stairs, 2014.
Diagonal, 2014.