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DIY Home Automation Gadgets for 2013


Home automation is an incredible way to simplify the life of a homeowner. By automating all of your technologies, you can not only make your life easier, but you can save yourself a lot of money and hassle. And it is surprisingly easy to do yourself. DIY home automation is not only easy, but it is cheap. Here are nine cool gadgets that you can use to automate your house for 2013.

Smart Thermostat Sure you already have a thermostat, but does your thermostat measure your energy usage and tell you...
Automatic Door Opener Don’t you hate it when someone knocks on the door, and you know that it is just one of your...
Smart Power Strip One of the best things about home automation is that it not only makes life easier for you, but it...
Video Doorbell This goes one step further than the door opener, and allows you to see who is at your door through a...
Smartphone Control You may not realize it, but you probably already own a useful home automation tool: your smartphone.
Floor Cleaner If you don’t want to, you won’t even have to vacuum your floor yourself in 2013.
Automatic Pet Feeder Now when you go out for a long day, you do not have to worry about who will feed your pet.
Keyless Door Entry A keypad is a much safer way to lock your door than a key.
Grocery List Manager A grocery list manager will hook up to your computer or phone and let you create a list, ready...
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