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DIY Furniture


We are quite excited to share a new book from Laurence King Publishing called DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide by Christopher Stuart of Luur Design. The real coup in this book, however, is not that it comes with a bunch of ideas for desks, and sofas, and chairs, but that they tell you how to make objects by established furniture designers. New York stars Rich Brilliant Willing make an appearance, as do Peter Marigold and Lindsey Adelman and Bec Brittain. The book is well laid out, useful, and inspiring, with projects that even a novice such as I am tempted to try. The furniture itself is on the inexpensive side, and best of all, nothing is made from milk crates. DIY Furniture is out this month and costs $25. Read on for an exclusive look at what's inside.

One of my favorite designs from Rich Brilliant Willing, this coat rack does not appear to be too massive an undertaking.
Here's the schematic for how to put the thing together.
The Panther is a seductive sofa indeed.
And only six easy steps are necessary, the last one reading: "Sit back and...