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Dining Tables


Nothing quite beats dining outdoors! Discover our clean-lined, contemporary dining tables.

Inspired by the campaign furniture from the colonial era, the Voyager directors chair and table evoke a contemporary...
The uneven cutting of the Split table top teak slats adds an organic look, whilst tricking the eye with a visual...
The legs of the Split table with the ceramics top have a very characteristic look with an inverted ‘Y’ construction and...
The cross-rail and legs have been subtly sculpted, like pieces hewn from a solid block.
All white: the white Carver table being available in various sizes.
Carver dining table with buffed teak top.
In the same way that an artist carves in stone or wood to create a unique form, the same way of thinking has been...
Whirl teak table with William chair.
The Split Raw collection: Each teak tree grows and matures in its own unique way with the natural variations and...
No two teak trees are the same: The Split Raw limited edition.
Each imperfections of the Split Raw limited edition of dining tables tells a story.
The Split Raw limited edition, celebrating the irregularity of nature.