Collection by Zachary Edelson

Designs Inspired by Japanese Architecture and Craft


Dwell and it readers value simplicity and quality, so it's no surprise that Japan—with its emphasis on craft and thoughtful living—is a frequent wellspring of inspiration.

The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
The shutter system creates a stunning interplay of light in the front patio space.
A traditional genkan (a Japanese entryway) was part of the architectural program early on. Shoes are removed before...
A Japanese hinoki bowl and stool from Mjölk sit next to a custom hinoki bathtub by Bartok Design in the tub room.
Rahman did her own landscaping in the garden outside her house.
Custom shoji-inspired screens of Roberts’s design conceal the closet and extend to provide privacy for the adjacent...
Like many traditional Japanese bathrooms, Wilkin and Pini’s is clad almost entirely in wood.
The home boasts a traditional Japanese genkan, an entryway that's a couple of steps down from the main level.
Sculptor and painter Edward Crumpton, a childhood friend of Knight, helped the architects identify features and...