Collection by Kelsey Keith

Designing with Ipe: Hardwood at Home


Ipe, commonly known as Brazilian walnut, is a South American hardwood that is three times harder than cedar, has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, and is resistant to humidity and mildew. Here are six examples of the hardwood at work.

Compelling custom solutions to off-the-shelf problems are often hard to come by. For their design of an ipe-clad hot...
The deck, fashioned from ipe, was built around one of the property’s many granite outcroppings.
On the ground level of Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan's laneway home in Toronto, the front door is tucked into an...
Link Catlett and Butters, the dog, stroll alongside their home’s namesake wraparound porch, made of Brazilian ipe.
Above the front patio, the de-signers created a trellis of Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood.
“I simply was drawn to the notion of concrete. So much great modern architecture has made use of it,” Blauvelt says.