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Design Icon: Julius Shulman


Julius Shulman was a famous American photographer known for his residential photography of modernist residences in midcentury Southern California.

“A wonderful mess” is how Shulman describes his desk.
Completed in 1929, Neutra’s Lovell Health house was the first steel-frame residence in the U.S., and was built using...
Shulman's shot of Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22 in 1960 became one of the most iconic photographs of modern U.
"No landscape architect would do this mishmash," says Shulman of his beloved garden.
P24872 2004.
At Shulman’s insistence, Soriano created a screened area that protects the gardenside elevation of the house from, says...
When Dwell visited Shulman two years before his death, he was satisfied with the career he had built, and still...