Collection by Clifford Nies

Desert Dwellings


Dwellings built in dry places.

For all its hard environmental work, one of the most immediate of the Blue Sky Home’s pleasures is how it sits so...
Eight carefully placed bolts in the joints in the steel frame absorb any movement, allowing the home to rest on small...
Near the main house, James Turrell’s pyramidal Skyspace structure invites visitors into its dark recess for a chance to...
For the landscape design, Burnette sought to maintain the property’s natural vegetation and rocky ground surface.
A narrow building next to the main structure houses storage and an outdoor kitchen.
Operation Desert Shed
Architect Lloyd Russell’s design for this desert getaway passively mitigates the elements with a utilitarian solution, turning a...
The steel shading structure and massive concrete foundation help keep the home’s temperature a comfortable 70 degrees.
Lodged in a hillside along the arid U.S.-Mexico border, an earthy family home absorbs grand vistas of El Paso, Texas,...

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