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Departamento Vertientes


This departamento is located in Lomas of Chapultepec in a tower of semicircular form, a of main challenges who presented this project. The location of the entrance, right in the middle of space, axis was determined distribution of areas, were placed concentrically, in accordance with detailed architectural program customers who gave. The public areas enjoy of magnificent views towards wooded areas that that surround the edifice and private areas they separated to ensure privacy.

The living and dining rooms are an unique space delimited for the large windows and a wall covered with light wood to accentuate the spaciousness and brightness of the entire area. To separate the atmosphere of antecomedor was settled a low wall covered with limestone quarry. The wall that runs the space serves as a large container of services and inside you will find access to the elevator the toillet, table linen closets the pantry and one of the closets in the master bedroom so that you create a wood volume and conceptual core element of the project.