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Decorating Tricks to Make Your New Home Welcoming and Cozy


When moving into a new house or apartment it can sometimes take a very long time before we really start thinking of it as our home. The countless issues that keep popping up as you try to organize everything, the cleaning that seems endless, the stress of having to arrange and rearrange every little detail. And even when we’re finally done with it, the place can seem cold and bare. As we spend most of our time in our home, it’s important that it feels welcoming. We want to walk inside and immediately feel relief as we snuggle up on the couch, feeling the stress melt away as we enjoy the safety. If you want to know how to turn your new home into a haven, there are some easy tricks that you can do.

Warm colours for a warm home

While sleek and modern decor looks great, it can make the room feel cold if not brightened by a warm detail or two. Dark green, blue and purple can make the room look bigger, but it’s not a bad idea to offset it by warmer tones. Peach, sienna, soft brown, orange or even red can make a world of difference, so don’t be afraid to add warm-coloured curtains, paintings, vases or other details that will make the place feel more inviting. Patterns also add a visual interest that can transform a room and give it a more lived-in feeling. Colours influence our mood to a great extent, so it’s important to find the ones that make us feel good.

Soft textures and fabrics

When we think of the word cozy, we usually think of something soft, something that feels nice to touch. That’s why you always need to consider materials when picking fabrics. You can add texture to your room with details such as furniture covers, or pillows and rugs. You want your feet to sink into a fuzzy carpet as you walk barefoot, to feel the softness of a pillow as your hands reach for it. Bedroom is especially important because that’s where you go to sleep, and you won’t rest unless you feel completely comfortable and safe. It’s amazing how the feel of a good fabric can affect our mood, so checking out some quality rugs online, or getting a coverlet can give you that much-sought after feeling of serenity. Our sheets, pillowcases and curtains - all of these stimulate our sense of touch and make us feel safe in our own home.

Avoid clutter, but give up the idea of perfection

No one likes coming home to a mess, because the clutter surrounding us actually exhausts our brains and makes our lives feel more chaotic. Make sure to have a designated space for everything and tidy up often before things get out of hand. However, if you expect your home to be perfect all day, every day, you’ll feel just as much stress as you would in a cluttered room. Learning how to accept and embrace imperfection can prevent that feeling of panic as soon as you see a speck of dust. Cleanliness if great, but it can be accomplished without you getting a nervous breakdown every time a family member makes a mess. Besides, a book left lying on the coffee table, or a jacket thrown over a chair won’t bring the world to an end.

A personal touch

Don’t let your soul get lost in the endless decorating and colour-matching. Even if you make the most beautiful, magazine-worthy home, it will feel cold and empty without something that shows it’s you who lives there. Spread out your favourite scented candles, have some DIY decorations, put up paintings and photographs, decorate your windowsill with potted plants and small ornaments. Create things with your own hands, surround the house with good memories, and you’ll never feel like you’re living in a stranger’s home.
While buying a new home is costly, making that home cozy and safe doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Make sure to spend time relaxing with some music or maybe a good book as you adjust to the new space. Surround yourself with your favourite things and everything will feel snug and warm.