Collection by Luke Hopping

Cutting-Edge New Prefabs


From the world's first carbon-positive prefab to hurricane-proof homes, there have been some exciting breakthroughs in modular housing recently. This primer ought to catch you up on the latest.

Australian firm Archiblox built the world's first energy positive prefab and then displayed it in the middle of...
Though modest in price and size, Cubbico's modular homes are among the most durable on the market.
The result, which will be available commercially in early 2015, is a teardrop-shaped caravan that can be towed behind a...
Architect Shigeru Ban has designed temporary shelters for disaster-stricken areas such as Japan, Turkey, New Zealand,...
The modular construction is visible in the exterior, where individual units jut out to create a stepped facade that...
The modest, 322-square-foot interior opens up into the environment.
The homes are built on a concrete foundation and are typically constructed in only two days.
Heating for the unit is provided by a Spartherm fireplace, with electric heating integrated into the magnesite floor.