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A Quintessential Midcentury Home Goes LEED Platinum
Architect Michelle Kaufmann transforms a 1965 home into a paragon of sustainability.
The lower level of Maison Amtrak has two studies, storage space and houses the mechanical equipment for the house.
Maison Amtrak, Peter and Saly Cohen's home, is the latest of five spine and module houses he's designed.
There is a precipitous drop off the deck at Maison Amtrak, though the sloping site meant that either serious excavation...
A series of long stairs leads to Maison Amtrak, which is set below street level.
The bottom floor of Maison Amtrak hosts Cohen’s office, a guest room that doubles as Sally's office, the mechanical...
Viewed from a good distance down the slope running to the Union River, the Maison Amtrak is clearly oriented toward the...
Cohen's bedroom is clipped onto one end of the house, just across from Sally’s bedroom.
The entryway to Maison Amtrak owes a debt to Japanese architecture, a touchstone of Peter Cohen’s career.
Cohen and his wife, Sally, sit in the dining room, which along with the connected living room, is a focal point of the...
Ensuring that the ramp structure is both stable and elegant was a technical challenge for KMA Inc.
The ramp structure supports two different starting points—one five-meter-high for beginner cyclists, and one...