Columbia Gorge House


Positioned on a bluff this house looks out to the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and to Mount Hood beyond. It provides a year-round gathering place for a mid-west couple, their dispersed families and friends.

Attention was given to views and balancing openness and privacy. Common spaces are generous and allow for the interactions of multiple groups. These areas take in the long, dramatic views and open to exterior porches and terraces. Bedrooms are intimate but are open to natural light and ventilation.

The materials are basic: salvaged barn timber from the early 1900’s, stucco on Rastra Block, stone fireplace & garden walls and concrete counter tops & radiant concrete floors. Generous porches are open to the breeze and provide protection from rain and summer heat.

In autumn, the mineral rust color of the standing seam metal roof blends the home into the canopy of surrounding oaks.
The home features a natural palette of materials: salvaged plank wood, stucco and metal.
A generous porch offers views over the Columbia Gorge towards the mountain range beyond.
The Great Room contains all the elements of family living within it's length.
The Great Room features trusses crafted of antique hand hewn timbers.