Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Clever and Unconventional Closets


With storage space in constant short supply, smart closet design is essential. See how eight inventive homeowners carve out their closet spaces.

Fine FinnishA pair of crafty designers on a serious budget show that though their apartment may be short on square...
The limited space means that every purchase has to be a rational one.
The stairway to the sleeping loft is a riff on a ship's ladder: "We spent a lot of time figuring out how much space we...
Barbara Hill's Dancehall/House in Marfa,...
Pelayo forewent closets in the master bedroom in favor of exposed plumbing-pipes-as-racks.
To make the bedroom seem ethereal—and far larger than its 12-by-12 dimensions suggest—Pratt designed a curtain that...
A closet is built into the bed frame in this London guesthouse.

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