Collection by Marianne Colahan

Classic Desk Lamp from 1934 Remade with Modern Details


British lighting company Anglepoise has been producing lamps since the early 1930s, including its renowned Original 1227 Desk Lamp. Anglepoise has rereleased the classic design, updating it with brass details, heritage-inspired colors, and woven cables.

Anglepoise’s Original 1227 was launched in 1934, and is considered the archetypal lamp from the British company. The lamp took off where other contemporary task lamps left off, using a newly developed constant spring technology to create a lamp that was extremely flexible and adjustable, while also maintaining a consistent balance and stability. Professionals like architects, graphic designers, and interior designers consistently choose the timeless design, as it is versatile and provides excellent light quality. The newly launched Original 1227 Brass Collection of lamps takes the classic silhouette of the original and brings it to a new audience. The brass details complement the soothing new colors, and the woven cables add texture to the lamp. Although the Original 1227 has a heavy, weighted base, the rest of the lamp moves easily and seamlessly, making it easy to redirect light as needed.

Desk and table lamps typically provide light in a downward direction, illuminating the surface directly below it rather...
The Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp in the newly released colorway Deep Slate.
This detail shot shows the Anglepoise logo and a closer look at the luxe brass details in the Original 1227 Brass Desk...
The newly released Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp in Dusty Blue is both cheerful and sophisticated.