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Classic Apartment in Tel Aviv Gets a Striking Minimal Reboot


In a neighborhood of Tel Aviv known for Bauhaus design, Pitsou Kedem Architects does an industrial reboot from the ground floor up—starting with a new basement.

As Jewish immigrants from Europe began arriving in Tel Aviv in the 20s and 30s, architects from within their ranks brought Modernist ideas with them to the Mediterranean. The pedestrian-centered, garden-friendly metropolis became a hub of Bauhaus design, with architects such as Joseph Berlin working at such a prolific pace that Tel Aviv’s “White City” of International Style-buildings became the largest collection of such structures in the world. When Pitsou Kedem Architects was given the opportunity to renovate a Berlin-designed duplex in the neighborhood, the firm decided to respect history by making the story of the renovation obvious. By leaving raw materials and right angles everywhere, they provided a crisp contrast that juxtaposes the new with the past. While it’s not technically the same style as its Bauhaus neighbors, the new apartment provides another sharp perspective on modern design.

Formerly the home of David Ben-Gurion, the country's first prime minister, the apartment had both historic significance...
While the lower floor was the site of more extensive work, the entire interior was redressed in a raw, industrial...
The new 860-square-foot basement contains a bathroom and additional living space.
Pitsou Kedem's unique twist in the new basement is a two-part metal staircase with a gap in the middle.
The architects describe the home as one that "emphasizes the difference and the tension between romantic historical...
The raw industrial aesthetic gives way to a more livable space.
The narrow balcony helps shade the residents while funneling the cool ocean breeze from the west.
From street level, the home maintains its historic facade.
An outdoor courtyard is a classic touch from the original structure.
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