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Claroscuro - Chiaroscuro


Claroscuro (translated chiaroscuro): The use of contrasts of light and shade to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects and figures.
The project Claroscuro consists of two benches assembled from linear arrangements of tulipwood

battens. The battens are machined in different thicknesses along their length to create a visual

effect of changing density and perception. As the benches are viewed from certain angles various

forms emerge and fade providing a sense of movement and ambiguity to the objects. Claroscuro

uses the versatility of the material to explore the contrast between shade, light and form.

Claroscuro was commissioned by the American Hardwood Export Council for the exhibition “Five”. The show, curated by the Clerkenwell Design Week as part of its 5th Anniversary celebration, included five projects using American hardwood, designed by members of the London-based collective Okay Studioand made by sculptor and fabricator Adam Kershaw.

Photography by Petr Krejci

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