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Chronicles: Design & Illustrations by Michael Nÿkamp


Chronicles is a repository of my personal illustrations, collaborative projects, inspiration, curiosity, and worthwhile studies deposited here for visitors to enjoy and experience. If you would like to license or purchase any illustration from this collection or hire me, please contact me via e-mail. All works are copyrighted. View more here:

Lion Book Publishing Company: "Dedicated to independent authors and their stories." Self initiated project.
Cerberus Kilns. Three headed, fire breathing dog for this illustrative mark.
Sunrise Farms: A farmers labor is never done – work from sunrise to sunset...
Uneasy Eye: Simple little illustration and animated gif to give it life.
King Lear: Simple lines to create this portrait of King Lear for a book jacket. Book jacket mock-up from
Sumo 相撲: Simple visual representation of a sumo wrestler. Sumo literal translation means, "striking one another".
Stork Stories: Storks delivering stories. Black line and solid fills to create this minimal mark.
Tiny Royal Theater Company: Taking theater elements and putting a face to it. Self initiated project.
House Books: Simple logo and mock-up concept for journal sketchbooks that didn't make the cut.
Architectural Styles: Worked alongside Nook Real Estate , a firm passionate about architecture and design.
Published – Urban Totem Monsa Publications, located in Barcelona will be publishing a book called, “Skate, Surf and...
America's National Parks: Taking elements of the American Flag to create this mark – Land, Water, Sky.
Canada Goose In Flight: Black fills, white lines and a red maple leaf for this minimal illustration.
GoldenEye Matchsticks. Gold Flame, Gold Eye – GoldenEye Matchsticks. Simple line and color illustration in my downtime.
Moon Over Black Keys: A monochromatic minimal illustration print utilizing shapes to define the subject matter.
Modern x Dwell: My simple line and halftone pattern illustration is a reflection of the contemporary esthetics created...
Fish King: Simple line and font illustration of a Pelican and fish in my downtime. Self initiated project.
Badge and flag mark: This combination mark was created for a boat manufacture which didn’t make the cut.
Snow Lion: The emblem of Tibet, representing the snowy mountain ranges and glaciers, it also symbolizes power and...
Tree House: Lights are on. Self initiated project.
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