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Charred Cedar Wraps A Stunning Minimalist Addition in Norway


The Ankersvingen Annex uses material contrasts to connect a family home with the outdoors.

Architect Thor Olav Solbjør doesn’t see wood as just another material choice, he sees it as a way to “communicate with the surroundings.” Tasked with building a 750-square-foot addition to a country home in Jar, Norway, set amid pine forests, his team at SAAHA turned to charred cedar, a traditional Japanese building material created with charcoal, to create a simple, striking extension.

A simple black box in many ways, the Ankersvingen Annex succeeds with its simplicity; it adds space without subtracting...
Solbjør and his team utilized traditional Japanese techniques to create the midnight-black cedar exterior.
The owners, a couple who work at home, clamored for more space with the new addition.
Warmed by the freestanding fireplace, the new living room picks up the visual theme of flat, horizontal lines found on...
The airy new bathroom contains no traces of the somber exterior finish.
It was vital for Solbjør to highlight the home's expansive view of the Oslo fjord.
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