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Centra 2

One of the challenges you most enjoy DIN interior is to give a new image to a hotel, especially when it involves a comprehensive change , which begins and ends in the name of a new concept. This hotel had Pugibet name is in central Mexico City , close to the traditional market of San Juan . It was decided to start with a name change , something that was very attractive and one word to describe her new identity.

The new name was the result of the union of the word Centra -an indisputable reference of its location on the first frame of the city- and the number 2, a reference that describes perfectly the hotel is designed to have a couple of occupants per room. Now the hotel is called Centra2 whose phonetic result is perfect.

Another important challenge to overcome was the distribution of the rooms , as there was no standard , so it was decided that it was best to do an item that would standardize and drive to all rooms . a module composed of the head , lamps, tables, benches and tubular ( our famous fajódromos ) that shaped the thread that lies in all rooms regardless of their configuration and measures was generated .