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Casa F-51


The remodeling project was done in a building constructed in the 30s. The space had a lot of potential and with the necessary modifications; a new image was achieved according to the needs and taste of the new inhabitants.

To delimit and frame the living area one of the main elements of the project was done: a big staple in dark gray color. This element starts in the dining room wall creating the plafond and goes down in the living room embracing the fireplace on the right wall.

The terrace replicates the interior space and the floor was made with the wooden poles used for the construction. The garden was raised 40 cm, grass was planted and the only tree preserved, leading to place a set of chairs and a table under it to enjoy it. The back wall is the end of the space and to enhance it a very attractive mural was done on it.

The neutral style of the spaces generates a sober and contemporary environment ideal to receive the pictorial collection and objects of the family. The project´s flexibility will allow it to evolve and change over time, managing to incorporate the new pieces and future changes to live in the same rhythm of its users.

Each day the movement of the light fills with dynamism this space designed to be part of the intense activity and every day truce. It is a project that reflects the maturity of 20 years of professional experience and the intention to continue to enjoy many more years of growth and consolidation.