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Overhanging structures

Flowering balconies are common in Saigon, where residents can interact with the city outside.
In 2001, Price and his students built a meditation structure at the end of a cantilevered walkway that extends off the...
Looking like a jewel box at dusk, Scott Stafne’s Canti-lever House rests easy in the middle of the Washington woods.
Filmmaker-turned-designer Alejandro Landes chose materials such as concrete and stone for their raw appeal, allowing...
"The project is a tribute to the majesty of nature and to the people of Norway," says Schluchtmann, "who not only...
The cantilevered deck juts out from the home. “You really feel like you’re floating,” Harnkess says.
Located on a steep site with limited suitable building ground, the firm decided to cantilever the home over the...
A cantilevered deck extends outward from the distinctive structure and toward nature.
The L-shaped secondary building perches over a craggy escarpment.
Occupying a footprint of just 110 square feet, the studio finds smart ways to maximize space.
While you’re there, make sure to try out activities or sports that take advantage of the incredible natural...