Collection by Diana Budds

Canadian Makin'


This month New York gallery Relative Space is hosting From Quebec, a boutique show featuring 36 talented designers from Montreal. From housewares, to furniture, to toys and apparel, the designs in the show highlight the ingenuity coming from our friends to the north.

Inspired by modern trends paired with a Canadian twist, the crisp, bright and youthful designs represent a sensibility unique to Quebec.

National pride runs throughout the show, as shown in these cheeky Hugo Didier-designed mugs.
Designed by recent University de Montreal grads Maud Beauchamp and Marie-Pier Guilmain, these cutesy cardboard pet...
Reflecting an innovative use of materials, Bipede's jellyfish-esque suspension lamp is made from plastic zip ties.
Louise Bousquet has been designing porcelain pieces for more than 30 years.
Hangers from Toma Objects are everyday objects imbued with playfulness.
Furni Creations is known for minimalist design balanced by a nod to the past. Case in point: the Alba alarm clock.
Part of the Quebec Museum of Fine Art's permanent collection, the Solair chair—designed in 1972 by Fabio Fabiano and...
One of the few references to maple in the show is Export 2002's pure maple syrup, held in a vintage-inspired can.
The Husky Chair, by designer Olivier Desrochers.
Kino Guérin's Knot Bench is a contemporary take on mid-century bentwood furniture designs.
Annie Legrouix founded Dringdring in 2005 and produces hand-painted metal bicycle bells in her Montreal studio.
These little bottles hold apple ice wine, a popular local drink.
The Ravi Solution wine chiller, designed by Michael Dallaire, works by attaching a device that's meant to be stored in...