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Cadillac’s New Concept Car Bets That Bigger Is Still Better


Unveiled yesterday at Monterey Car Week, the ESCALA four-door sedan is bigger, fancier, and better connected than the 2016 CT6, hinting that future Cadillacs will be too.

As of yet, it’s uncertain whether Cadillac will put the Escala into production.
The car is powered by a a prototype 4.2-liter twin turn V8 engine that is currently in development for future models.
With an overall length of 210.5 inches, the Escala’s interior is expansive, although its sleek roofline means less...
The jumbo-sized dashboard display is made of three curved, extra bright OLED panels.
Although it’s built using the same RWD architecture as the comparable Cadillac CTS, the Escala is six inches longer,...