Collection by Diana Budds

Cabin Fever


Built-ins abound in this renovation of a 1970s lodge perched high in the French Alps. H2O Architectes devised a plan to increase livable space while leaving the structure intact. What results is a contemporary ski chalet that makes the most of its small footprint thanks to bunk beds, hidden storage, and streamlined circulation.

"Rather than trying to fit the furniture into the apartment, we decided to fit the apartment into the furniture," says...
Four brothers own this apartment located within a larger building and use it for family vacations as well as a rental.
To free up space, beds, shelves, and a sofa appear to be built into the wall.
While the architects had license to revive the interior, they couldn't touch any of the existing structure, walls, or...
Santiard says that there was a lot of investment in the French ski industry in the 1960s and 1970s and many of those...
Panels slide open to connect the spaces, or closed for privacy.
Here's the room with the partitions closed.
These bunk beds are located just past the wall shown in the previous slide.
The desk was designed by H2O and has a prime view of the snowy alps.
Here's the new kitchen. H2O designed the table and benches, whose seats pop up to reveal hidden storage.