Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Butterfly Roof Meditation Hut


Illinois resident Mary Kalanzis rises every morning with a view worthy of the next world. "I wake up to the vision of the hut everyday," she says. "There's something about the proportions that make it appear heavenly." The hut is the butterfly-roof-adorned tea and meditation structure perched above a pond on their 14 acres in Champaign, Illinois.

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Designed by architect Jeffery Poss, the tea hut is the first of what Kalanzis and her husband, Bill Cope, hope to be...
"They wanted a quiet space to observe the surrounding nature and have a cup of tea," says Poss, who himself has...
The hut, which was completed in 2010, measures in at just 97 square feet and sits along the north edge of a pond.
"The location allowed the development of several effluvial sensations," Poss says.
The V-shape roof, which dominates the structure's silhouette, channels rainwater to a central spout then into the...
A simple walkway leads to the unassuming entrance. "It's obscured, detailed like the cedar walls," Poss says.
Inside, a large window opposite the main door frames a view of mature trees.
The low, horizontal window in the main space "frames a meditative fragment of water," Poss describes.
The deep-V, butterfly roof characterizes the hut on the outside and defines the interior as well.
In the winter, instead of floating over the pond, the hut sits lightly above the snow.
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