Collection by Aaron Britt

Borrego Springs' Mod Houses


I posted some of the mid-century buildings in my last Borrego Springs update, but over the course of my three days in the desert I visited a half dozen really beautiful homes. Lucky for you, I met photographer Judy Parker, who has shot much of the great architecture in the town and has kindly allowed me to post some of it here. Spared my grainy, ill-lit snapshots, you can revel in the lovingly preserved design details that make Borrego Springs a desert paradise. If you like what you see, do look into getting a copy of Parker's excllent book Borrego Modern. I've got one and it's a really great glimpse of this unique community.

I loved the interior of the Givler Residence from 1958 by Henry Hester.
Here's a view of the Givler Residence from the golf course it sits on. The main house is one long volume with a small...
Here's another house we visited, a long white rectangle with a killer pool between the house and the street.
Here's a nice yellow detail from the Borrego Gold Club Estates.
This is one of my favorites of Parker's images.
Parker's ties to Borrego Springs actually go back three generations. Here's the house that her grandparents lived in....
A moody shot of another Dick Zerbe house. This is one of the Fairway cottages he designed at the De Anza Country Club.
Here's a peek inside the Fairway cottage that Bill Lawrence (Borrego Springs' leading modernist historian) and his wife...
Another view of Fairway cottage #11. I like the blue carpet but Bill and his wife Suzanne told me they don't.
Not entirely a modernist structure, we did get to see a Cliff May house in Borrego Springs from the early 1940s.
Here's a good look at the desert beyond the Cliff May house. Pretty epic stuff.
Another stunning design.
We also got a look at a contemporary house from 2008 by architect Walt Chambers.
Here's that view out into the distance.