Collection by Allie Weiss

Bold Bathroom Design Statements


From creative tile to unusual tubs, a singular strong design move can turn the bathroom into a modern design sanctuary.

For the bathroom, the architects designed a clever tub that can serve as a shower, too.
A SHY 04 pendant light from Bec Brittain adorns the master bath.
A original hemlock wood wall clads the corridor leading to the bathroom.
The bathroom, located just adjacent to the kitchen, features a pattern of gray and turquoise tiles that climbs from the...
For the master bath, the clients requested a splash of color: sea green concrete Moroccan tiles with geometric designs.
In the marble-paved bathroom, the architects employed a simple trick to get the most out of the small space.
Perforated concrete blocks in the guest bathroom provide ventilation and discreet views of the patio.