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Boiling Water from Your Tap: Innovative Home Tech Since 1973


The boiling water tap, now four decades old, comes in a new, energy-efficient iteration.

It may sound somewhat surprising that the instant boiling water tap, created by Dutch company Quooker, has been available since 1973. Mind you, back then the device was by and large in its prototypical stages, sold mainly to acquaintances of the brand. Although marking the tap's history are several hiatuses, it's not surprising to hear that this innovative product was, and continues to be, a hit. The latest incarnation, named Fusion, is capable of delivering cold, warm, and boiling water from a single faucet on-demand. As such, the Quooker may have you rethink the conventionality of your sink, which could become the place where you'll start brewing your daily cup of coffee.

Water from the Quooker is filtered, so it is drinkable and suitable for cooking.
Quooker, the 100°C instant boiling water tap, was invented in 1973.
The total unit conceals neatly beneath any sink.
Its main on/off knob never gets hot and is designed as an easy push-and-turn handle.
The Quooker is also designed to conserve water: by immediately producing hot water, it eliminates the need to run the...

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