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In our November issue, we got a look inside 2 Voss St., the new London guest house designed by Studiomama's Nina Tolstrup and her husband, Jack Mama. We've long been enchanted with Tolstrup's work—check out the profile we ran on her back in 2008—and as we're looking in on her again in our pages, what better opportunity for a quick click through of the best of her career as a product, furniture, and architectural designer?

One of our favorites is Tolstrup's Outdoor Kitchen.
Dubbed the Bloomberg Waste Not Want Not series, this collection of furniture reuses discarded pallets and turns them...
The Reveal cabinet is made from recycled floorboards.
The Re-Imagine chair is one of Tolstrup's projects that questions what is waste and what is a building material.
This chair is from Tolstrup's Pallet Project from 2006, a series in which she made all kinds of furniture from shipping...
The Pallet Lamp is another instance of Tolstrup's commitment to recycled design.
A handy little alarm clock, this design for Lexon is such that when tipped on one end, the alarm is set, and when...
Made of painted MDF and LEGO blocks, Tolstrup's Kids' House was designed for her own pair.
The Happy Family chairs for the Japanese company E&Y were modeled on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
This jigsaw puzzle of a bookshelf is an expandable custom design made from oak planks.

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