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Behind the Scenes: Dwell Reports


As the photo editor at Dwell, one of best things I get to do is go on set and art direct shoots. It’s always an exciting process of creating, tweaking, and finalizing an idea or concept and a chance to collaborate with some great photographers and colleagues. When possible, I'll be posting some behind-the-scenes shots, so you can see the work that goes into making the images you see in the pages of Dwell.

This first sneak peak is of the Dwell Reports shoot for the

April 2010 issue, featuring planters. Kyle Blue, Dwell's design director, and I worked with an amazing paper artist, Benjamin Laramie, and photographer Peter Belanger to create some paper plants that bring the feel of a relief cutout piece of art to our three-dimensional planters. We met with Ben a week before the shoot to talk about what we were looking for in the paper plants, and after a few reviews, he was off and running. We met him on set with all of his options for us, and got “planting." It was great fun to play with depth and color on set, and bring a bit of a coloring-book feel to life.

Check out our slideshow to see more images of the photo shoot.

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