Collection by Genevieve Gladson

Barcelona's La Formiga d'Or


La Formiga d'Or, an offshoot of Happy Books, is a curious little shop uniquely located in the cloister of the Cathedral of Barcelona. The selection of items includes books on religion to touristy trinkets and souvenirs. The real allure of this small bookshop, designed by local architect Pilar Libano, is its ability to seamlessly blend modern design with a Gothic cathedral.

On the face of the bookshop, work has been done to include an enormous window, spanning the full width and height of...
The new walls of La Formiga d'Or do more than just house the inventory of reading materials—they invite one's eye to...
Inside, all the furniture used has been thoughtfully chosen to include typical materials used in a Gothic...
The shop is small in size, about 350 square feet, and a tacit elegance runs throughout.
The shop’s glass walls are set back from the older iron gateway.
The mystical characteristics of the space continues, as the store is illuminated by the rays of sun shining through the...

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